Brutal throat job – that’s the job I deserve!

When I read all them BDSM stories supplied on the Net by the ton these days, I’m, like, oh my, what do you, snotnoses, know about real pleasure – real anal domination pleasure, for instance. Looks like it’s high time I finally told you my story – one of them free rough sex stories that are stunningly nasty yet… Yet 100% true. ;)

The whole thing started at a party we had with my ex-colleagues from one pretty big consulting company – neither I nor Stanley Miller were working there by that moment cause we both had got kicked out at approximately the same time but… It was still fun to hang out with all those office worms every once in a while. I got invited by my good friend Kelly, then I called Peter Thorn and told him that I would love to see Mr. Miller that night – just a little hint, nothing special, you know. :) Jeez, I was just dying for a good fuck!

Somewhere in the middle of the party Mr. Miller walked out of the café to find me finishing my smoke near the front door.

“Pete told me you wanted to see me,” he said, looking me in the eye.

“Yeah, true,” said I doing my best to look as calm and as cold as it was only possible.

“For any particular reason?” he asked, pressing me hard against the cold wall.

“I want lots of sex. All kinds of hard sex with you”.

“You sound like a brave girl. So what do you offer me to do now?” he asked while his fingers were already exploring my soaking panties under the skirt. “There are so many people walking around here”.

“Why don’t you take me to a more private place then?”

He half-led-half-dragged me to his car that was parked less than a block away without saying a single word and after a short ride that felt more like a fuckin’ F1 race, we were in his place. It was rather dark and spooky – but I had my thoughts swirling around brutal blowjobs and rough fucking, so I just didn’t give a damn.

brutal deep throating slavegirl

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“So what should I do to you now?” Stanley said while pulling my top off nice and slow baring my tits. My nipples were already hard as wood…

“Well, it looks like you have just kidnapped me. What do you think kidnappers do to the ladies they snatch and keep in their hideaways?” I asked. At the same moment I pulled by hair band off and put it on my wrists imitating cuffs.

Mr. Miller grew quiet once again. He pushed me down on my knees, twisted my hands behind my back and tied them with his belt. I felt his strong hands push the hem of my dress up to my waist, spread my legs wide and pull my panties down. Then he walked a couple of steps back to admire the view – his cock throbbing like a ramrod in anticipation of a penetration. Mere second later that meaty chode of his slid into my pussy from behind. I should say that I didn’t expect him to be this quick – so that attack of his turned out to be quite painful. He was moving faster and faster fucking me furiously. Gosh it hurt so badly. I wanted to scream but I had his fingers gagging my mouth. Suddenly I understood that I was enjoying it all in a certain weird way – was enjoying being tied up, enjoying the pain, enjoying that he was fucking me the way he wanted without even bothering about the way I felt about it… Suddenly he slowed down.

“So it looks like you are my captive now,” he murmured.

“Yes, that’s who I am,” said I.

“Do you like it when someone makes it to your asshole?” he asked, the fingers of his right hand massaging my anus slowly, while his left hand was already deep in my hair, pushing my head backwards.


“Give full answers to my questions!”

“I like it when someone fucks my ass!” It felt really humiliating to say that but I really loved it.

“And how do you like it?”

“I like really brutal anal stretching”.

“So you want me to give you some of that brutal anal stretching?”


“I told you to give full answers to my fuckin’ questions!!!” he yelled pulling my hair backwards so hard that I had to arch my back.

“YES! YES!!! I want you to give me some brutal anal stretching! Please, stretch my ass!!!”

“Good girl,” he whispered into my ear. “Now I want to see how you fluff your fucking ass up for me. Show me how much you want me to fuck you in the ass”. His voice was soft and quiet but that quietness was even more than just menacing.

I licked my index finger and stuck it up my ass. After some fingering I pulled it out – soon to replace it with two fingers. I still had him pulling on my hair and stood with my back arched. Then he stuffed his thick fingers into my mouth, smeared my hungry anus with saliva and… Pushed his dick into me like a soldier pushes his spear into the body of an enemy – without even a tiniest trace of mercy. It HURT!!! He was definitely enjoying my pain. He was slamming my butthole harder and harder disregarding my loud moans and writhing. I felt like I had my ass on fire – and still I was enjoying that anal domination session again.

anal domination scene

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All of a sudden he stopped, pulled his unit out of my hurting ass slowly and stuffed it back in. He was doing it over and over again really making me feel like he was turning my insides out. I was feeling every little vein on his shaft and I wanted him to stop – but I still wanted him to keep on doing that more. When Mr. Miller was done fucking me, he let go of my hair and walked back a little again to take a look at his humble anal domination victim. Hell yeah, I was definitely looking great – standing on my knees on the cold floor, hands tied behind my back, legs wide, panties lying beside me, my gaping asshole oozing his cum…

“Want me to set you free, captive, don’t you?” he asked, laughing heartily. “Should I let you go?”

Mr. Miller approached me again, picked my panties up and looked into my eyes questioningly.

“Do kidnappers care about their captives’ opinion?” asked I. “Kidnappers make their dirtiest dreams come true with captives – they do all the wild things that they never ever mention when talking with their wives and girlfriends”.

“Alright, Angelica, looks like you are really letting me do whatever I want to do to you”. He was apparently giving me the last warning trying to make sure than his new naked slavegirl was a really obedient one. In a second I had my hands tied again – though this time he didn’t twist them behind my back in that unbearable stress position but left them to hang along my front.

“Maybe what you want to do to me is what I want from you”.

“Good. So, I can keep on enjoying your holes here on my own or… I can take you for a little threesome party in Mr. Thorn’s place. This old bachelor likes ladies as submissive as you”. He sounded like he was talking to himself – but I knew he was testing me again trying to see how far I would go on my hunt for a brutal throat job I was craving so badly.

“So why don’t you call him right now?” I asked getting down on my knees in front of Mr. Miller.

When he took out his cell phone and started dialing the number, I unzipped his pants and went caressing his sack. His fingers went still on the keys but…

“Come on, dial him!”

Mr. Miller went dialing the number while I let his stiffening shlong slide in between my lips. When I heard Mr. Thorn answer, I swallowed Mr. Miller’s penis all of all sudden making it go all the way down my throat, so everything that Mr. Thorn heard from his friend was a loud moan of surprise and pleasure. Brutal throat job… Hell yeah, I’m the one you need if brutal blowjobs are your kind of thing. I went on gagging on his cock during the whole of their quick talk – and I was really enjoying it. Mr. Thorn understood that Mr. Miller was getting sucked off and that was making me feel incredibly exciting. That foretaste of a double brutal deep throating and, possibly, the continuation of the anal domination play were really making me go horny as hell.

brutal throat job scene

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“Should we stop now or should we move on?” asked I when I understood that Mr. Miller was on the verge of orgasm again.

At first I couldn’t understand my bossy lover’s reaction – he was pointing at something with his eyes. I looked up from his stiff dong and saw a working camcorder standing in the corner aimed right at me. Having made sure that I understood that I was something more than just a naked slavegirl, Mr. Miller grunted gladly – and pushed my head towards himself making me choke on his shaft. That realization of the fact that I had just turned into the star of his own homemade porn video felt so good – I was already fantasizing about him uploading the vid into the Net at some free rough porn site making everyone see how much of a little whore I was… I went yummying down on his shaft with double eagerness – let the world see how well this little slut sucks her one-night master’s cock!

brutal throat job in front of camera

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Mr. Miller was no longer letting me suck him off – he was just fucking my face sticking his dong deeper and deeper down my mouth making me give him that brutal throat job I was praying to please somebody with on that night. What was I thinking about at that moment? I was thinking about thousands of watchers who were going to see his video, dreaming about thousands of hard dicks getting rammed into my throat one by one… I was so immersed into my dreams that I didn’t even notice how Mr. Miller came again almost making me choke on his tasty cum. Gosh, I’m even afraid to think what could have happened if I didn’t swallow the whole of his load down to the tiniest drop doing my best not to cough and not to waste his precious man butter.

I heard someone’s car pull into the driveway outside. That was Mr. Thorn’s Chevy, no doubt. He was going to see me with my ass bare, he was doing to see me standing on my knees with my hands tied and my legs scratchy. He was going to see it all – and I was anticipating it so badly.

“Mr. Miller”, said I, “please, don’t ask me no more questions – just go ahead and do anything you want to do to me – together with Mr. Thorn if you please”.

“Bitch, you will remember this night for the whole of your life…”

anal domination and brutal throat job

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Don’t know about other BDSM stories but… This is where mine will stop. Some things are too dirty to be announced in public, you know. ;)

This BDSM fiction story is inspired by the free BDSM galleries the images from which are included into this post. All images are clickable.

If you’d like to enjoy BDSM porn pics and videos exposing things similar to what is described in this BDSM fiction story, click here!

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