Brutal throat job – that’s the job I deserve!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

When I read all them BDSM stories supplied on the Net by the ton these days, I’m, like, oh my, what do you, snotnoses, know about real pleasure – real anal domination pleasure, for instance. Looks like it’s high time I finally told you my story – one of them free rough sex stories that are stunningly nasty yet… Yet 100% true. ;)

The whole thing started at a party we had with my ex-colleagues from one pretty big consulting company – neither I nor Stanley Miller were working there by that moment cause we both had got kicked out at approximately the same time but… It was still fun to hang out with all those office worms every once in a while. I got invited by my good friend Kelly, then I called Peter Thorn and told him that I would love to see Mr. Miller that night – just a little hint, nothing special, you know. :) Jeez, I was just dying for a good fuck!

Somewhere in the middle of the party Mr. Miller walked out of the café to find me finishing my smoke near the front door.

“Pete told me you wanted to see me,” he said, looking me in the eye.

“Yeah, true,” said I doing my best to look as calm and as cold as it was only possible.

“For any particular reason?” he asked, pressing me hard against the cold wall.

“I want lots of sex. All kinds of hard sex with you”.

“You sound like a brave girl. So what do you offer me to do now?” he asked while his fingers were already exploring my soaking panties under the skirt. “There are so many people walking around here”.

“Why don’t you take me to a more private place then?”

He half-led-half-dragged me to his car that was parked less than a block away without saying a single word and after a short ride that felt more like a fuckin’ F1 race, we were in his place. It was rather dark and spooky – but I had my thoughts swirling around brutal blowjobs and rough fucking, so I just didn’t give a damn.

brutal deep throating slavegirl

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Soapy enema punishment of humble naked slavegirl

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

My name’s Margo. I had been dreaming to become someone’s naked slavegirl for several years – but my fear of that unexplored pleasure simply wouldn’t leave me. Finally I managed to overcome myself – I popped in to one local BDSM forum and… got acquainted with my Master. We discussed our preferences, listed the taboos, he laid out my future duties, I filled in the questionnaire intended for bondmaids – and we agreed to meet at his place the following evening. He ordered me to have all my toys with me, to come without a bra and to stick my panties up my puss. I was so scared of it – but my eagerness took over and I did come to him.

I came to his place 10 minutes earlier and had to wait on his porch for several minutes before he answered my shameful knock on the door. The Master was tall, he had short dark hair and that very special brutal expression in his eyes that made me shiver. He ordered me to come in and to take my clothes off straight away. I was kinda shocked by such a quick offer and buzzed a bit but the quick slap in the face that he gave me after a moment’s hesitation made me move faster and rip my dress and flip-flops off in a blink of an eye. The Master turned his back on me and walked off into the living room ordering me to follow him by a soft snap of his fingers.

The Master sat down into a soft armchair and offered me to take a seat next to him. I was about to get settled on the edge of the huge sofa when he suddenly pushed me off it with a quick yet painful kick and pointed at the floor. I knelt down in front of him and turned my eyes down trying to avoid looking up. He described the main rules of our BDSM humiliation relationship to me: 1) I was to spend most of the time standing on my knees with my head down and my lips slightly parted, 2) When the Master told me to get into a position called Anus, I was to get down and pull my ass cheeks apart letting him see and use both of my holes, 3) When he told me to get into Dog position, I was to get down on all fours and to open my mouth wide, 4) I was to carry all orders to fetch something out without getting up on my feet and by carrying things in my mouth, 5) When I felt some BDSM torture get unbearably painful, I was to shout out “Red”, which was the signal for the Master to stop. After that he offered me to choose a name for myself, Bitch, Slut, Whore and Cunt being the options. I decided that Cunt would fit me best.

He didn’t waste no time on preludes and told that he wanted to see his naked slavegirl in Anus position. I was doing my best to please him – I pulled my buttocks apart as widely as I only could and… Well, apparently he loved that, cause he grunted with delight and I felt his heavy hand land down on my ass a couple of times making it bounce and hurt. After that he went playing with my pussy lips making me get wet in what seemed to be a couple of seconds – and get another couple of heavy slaps, this time right on my pink. He pulled me up, examined my boobs, ran his thick fingers around my nipples squeezing them so painfully that I couldn’t keep myself in from letting out a moan – and then walked off soon to come back with a collar and a leash in his hands. I put the collar around my neck gladly and allowed him to drag me all the way down to the bathroom where he pushed me down on all fours and started rubbing some oily cream into my virgin asshole. When I heard the murmur of pouring water behind my back, I understood that he was going to wash my anus clean and relaxed a little bit. The Master pushed me into the tub, ordered me to pull my buttocks apart again and to stand still.

Naked slavegirl on her knees

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This was when I got my first brutal anal stretching session instead of the tender washup that I had been expecting. The Master rammed the shower hose into my ass and started screwing it in harshly deeper and deeper. Then he opened the tap and the water started filling me from the inside. Every second was making the torture worse – the liquid was making my guts swell, my tummy hurt badly and my anus felt like it was on fire. I was moaning and begging the Master to stop it but he responded to it by increasing the pressure. When I was already about to explode he closed the tap and plugged my asshole with an inflatable rubber plug. A couple of pumps were enough to make it stick in me holding the water inside. Then the Master walked me, wet, sobbing and staggering, back into the hall – to continue the torture by clamping heavy lead weights on my nipples and starting a physical exercise session.

Enema punishment followed by anal plugging

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My little nipples and pussy lips were hurting so badly but the Master told me to stop complaining and gagged my mouth with panties freshly pulled out of my soaking vagina. The exercise session included situps (I had to go low enough to make the weights touch the floor), jumps and twirling a hula-hoop around my waist. The latter was making my tummy hurt terribly and all the water I head inside constantly seemed to be on the verge of braking free, which was bringing unbearably painful spasms. The Master understood everything and allowed me to go and use the toilet. However, when I was back, he dragged me into the bathroom again and told me to get ready for a soapy enema punishment.

This time he took a syringe and injected some shampoo into my anus before pumping me full of water again. I was no longer moaning from pain – I was howling like a dog because my ass was itching from the inside and I was ready to do anything to cure that itch. The Master decided that a well-performed blowjob would make him treat me better and… Damn, I went swallowing his dick all the way down my throat – all to please him. It took him mere two minutes to cum splattering his sticky semen all over my face, after which he let me crawl to the loo and empty my chute. The itch was so bad I felt I could run all the way there but he made me move slow, rocking my booty with the hose from the inflatable plug sticking out of my backdoor like the waving tail of a humble doggy.

Soapy enema punishment for naked slavegirl

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I washed myself clean still unable to cure the itch from the soapy enema punishment completely and returned to the hall where the Master was already waiting for me with the contents of my toy bag scattered in front of him. There were two dildos, two vibrators, some sexy undies, handcuffs and shackles, a butt plug, some tight clamps, vaginal beads, pegs and candles. He used the cuffs on me immediately – it took him seconds to attach me to the armchair with all even the most secret corners of my body exposed to his hungry eyes. Those secret corners became the main target for his scorching whip – the tender flesh of my ass and pussy received 30 heavy strikes, each of which felt like a strike of lightning. Then he filled my itching asshole and pussy with two large phallic pieces of solid ice and covered everything with wax. What next? When my wax plugs got him bored, he went nailing me with all the dildos and vibrators I had brought to him.

I was on the verge of fainting when the Master untied me, put five pegs on each of my pussy lips and two – on my nips. He made me bring him some food and suck on his dick under the table while he was enjoying the meal. That was what made me understand what true BDSM humiliation was all about – but I still had to perform it all. When the Master finished his meal, he splashed some dirty stinking water into an iron bowl and made me lick it like a dog while he was fucking me in the ass and plowing my pussy with a dildo. This time it took him much longer to cum – but he unloaded on my face again, smearing his man juice all over my face.

Brutal anal stretching for naked slavegirl

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Mixed with my sweat, his cum stung me – but he didn’t let me wash it all off. He dragged me back to the hall and… Well, this was when we got back to brutal anal stretching – though this time he was using a bunch of bottles of different size and shape on me. In the end I was supposed to take in a champagne bottle but I ended up yelling “RED!!!” like crazy and he kicked the bottle away and went whipping me mercilessly for being such a miserable sissy.

I was bawling like a baby when he finished whipping me, undid the knots on my wrists and ankles and pushed me into the shower calling me different dirty names. I was almost insane – but I still went down on my knees and came kissing his hand humbly thanking him for his precious time and attention that he spent on me. That didn’t work though – he plugged my ass with a thick toy, stuffed my panties back into my pussy and kicked me out of his flat into the pouring rain. I felt so devastated – but I knew that soon I was going to crawl back to his threshold like a whining dog begging him to take me back and use me the way he wanted.

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