Brutal throat job – that’s the job I deserve!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

When I read all them BDSM stories supplied on the Net by the ton these days, I’m, like, oh my, what do you, snotnoses, know about real pleasure – real anal domination pleasure, for instance. Looks like it’s high time I finally told you my story – one of them free rough sex stories that are stunningly nasty yet… Yet 100% true. ;)

The whole thing started at a party we had with my ex-colleagues from one pretty big consulting company – neither I nor Stanley Miller were working there by that moment cause we both had got kicked out at approximately the same time but… It was still fun to hang out with all those office worms every once in a while. I got invited by my good friend Kelly, then I called Peter Thorn and told him that I would love to see Mr. Miller that night – just a little hint, nothing special, you know. :) Jeez, I was just dying for a good fuck!

Somewhere in the middle of the party Mr. Miller walked out of the café to find me finishing my smoke near the front door.

“Pete told me you wanted to see me,” he said, looking me in the eye.

“Yeah, true,” said I doing my best to look as calm and as cold as it was only possible.

“For any particular reason?” he asked, pressing me hard against the cold wall.

“I want lots of sex. All kinds of hard sex with you”.

“You sound like a brave girl. So what do you offer me to do now?” he asked while his fingers were already exploring my soaking panties under the skirt. “There are so many people walking around here”.

“Why don’t you take me to a more private place then?”

He half-led-half-dragged me to his car that was parked less than a block away without saying a single word and after a short ride that felt more like a fuckin’ F1 race, we were in his place. It was rather dark and spooky – but I had my thoughts swirling around brutal blowjobs and rough fucking, so I just didn’t give a damn.

brutal deep throating slavegirl

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